Sandra appeared in episode 6 of season 1. She was a vixen that Nelson fell in love with at first sight, she was on heat at the time and everyone said that Nelson would regret going out with her because as soon she's off heat he will realize that how disgusting she is. Desperate for approval Nelson took Sandra to his parents and there he found out that Sandra was his sister. He didn't care though and got engaged with her and shortly married her. However, the next morning she was off heat and Nelson wanted to break up with her but then decided that he would stay with her unhappily. Soon after that she got herself trapped in a fox trap and while she was in it Nelson told her how much better it would be if they break up and how he thinks her being set free in the woods was a good thing. But he changed his mind after Vince revealed that she would get shot in the head. Nelson freed her but she walked away from him as he said he didn't want to be with her. As she walked away Nelson yet again changed his mind but it was too late as Gary had dropped Kali on her as he had fed her into a fat, 2 stone pigeon. This killed her.
Sandra Squished

The end of Sandra

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