• SharaUni83

    Unfortune smiles on all Mongrels fans as it was announced that Mongrels will not be returning for a third installment.

    Mongrels voice-actor Dan Tetsell has announced that BBC3 controller Zai Bennett has let the axe drop on the show. Using his Twitter account Dan has stated: “If you were (like me) hoping Mongrels would get a 3rd series, I’ve got some bad news…” and when asked by a fan if he was telling the truth he replied: “Yeah, we’ve all been sacked now.”

    Mongrels creator Adam Miller then elaborated:

    "Mongrels friends, it is my unbearably sad duty to announce that we will not be returning for a third series on BBC THREE, a decision that has been made based on the fact that apparently you need more than two people watching a programme to mak…

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